New-build, Dublin, Ireland

A high-tech, modern, urban house with a dramatic basement swimming pool and gym

Construction Details

The lift installation required cutting through the ground and first floor structures and the construction of a structural lift shaft up through the building. Mechanical and electrical services were diverted as necessary to facilitate the works, including alterations to the under floor heating system. Once the lift itself was installed each of the affected rooms were plastered and painted and left ready for the clients.

Some alterations were made to the layout in the basement, to the changing area and to expand the space available for the gym.

The pool area was stripped back to the original concrete structure and from there the walls and ceilings were lined with a specialist, treated metal lining system. The walls and ceilings were insulated and lined with the Knauf Aquapanel system designed for a pool environment. All surfaces were then finished with reinforced hygienic wall and ceiling coating. Finally, once the floors were tiled, the bespoke fabric air conditioning duct system was installed and the pool itself was filled and commissioned.